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Innovation, Invention, Inspiration.

We have a passion for helping people and companies turn their ideas and dreams into a physical reality. From qualifying the need, to the ideation to meet it. Prototyping on paper, to production at scale.

We understand what it takes to create the amazing and solve the seemingly unsolvable.  So come, challenge us.

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Passionate. Creative. Determined.

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Be it proof-of-concepts to help you raise funding, prototypes for trails or finding the perfect manufacturers, we love making and have world-class workshop facilities.

Education & Entrepreneurialism

We think it is important to pass on our knowledge to, and inspire, the next generation of Designers and Engineers. So our senior staff lecture and tutor across the globe in Design, Engineering and Entrepreneurialism. We’ve also launched a number of businesses (6 over the past 6 years). So we understand what it takes to make a product successful and the challenges that Entrepreneurs face.


Over the past 20 years we’ve developed a formidable network which means that, should we need to, we can find experts to support research, development and deployment. From microwave scientists in the USA to distributors in Kazakhstan, we’ve got it covered.


Apart from being over qualified (we’re averaging 1.5 Masters degrees each) all our senior staff are multi-award winning. Our current clutch includes; IF, Red Dot and Dyson to name but three (of the 20+)


We are hugely passionate about what we do and tackle every project with tenacity and vigor. We’re geeks with a mean eye for detail. Professional and proactive, we like to get the job done, and done beautifully.

Location, Location, Location

Based in Battersea at the Royal College of Art’s innovation center (Innovation RCA). We are very proud to be the only agency within the RCA. Being here also means we get to mentor and coach start-up companies that spin out of the RCA – another thing we love doing.

A client list to admire

Not Just For Big Blue Chips or High Networths

We exist to help people realise their product ambitions. So we strive to ensure that we are affordable without compromising quality.

We work for clients big or small, with budgets ranging from the hundreds to the hundreds of thousands, with equal passion and joy. This is probably why we have such a broad and wonderful client list.

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Passionate designers

Our studio is rarely a quiet place. We employ a mix of the brightest talent from the Royal College of Art and Queen Mary University. Our senior staff are all entrepreneurs in their own right. So we understand business as much as we do design. As such we run a very lean and tight ship, meaning that our team expands and contracts on a per-project basis.

So we don’t have crazy overheads that we need to pass on to you via high day rates. In addition to being competitive, this approach means be can also be very flexible and accommodate a wide range of project types. From Healthcare to Consumer, B2C to B2B to B2B2C!

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Squidger : Designing the impossible

Squidger : Designing the impossible

Orbel : Saving lives globally

Orbel : Saving lives globally

NiPi : A very cool cooler

NiPi : A very cool cooler

Spoutnik : Award winning microwave

Spoutnik : Award winning microwave

Splosh : Reinventing household cleaning

Splosh : Reinventing household cleaning

Deut-image-for-copyGRACE GmBh are the world leader in electric bicycle design and technology; their unique styling, hand made German precision engineering and use of the latest battery and E-motor technology has put them at the top of the game. No wonder when Deutsche post, the largest post company in the world, came to GRACE asking for a new steed to carry their post more effectively and cleanly, GRACE stepped up to the game, and came to us!

Nipi-image-for-copyWe’ve all been there. You’ve got all the right ingredients: the music, the booze, and the portable ice chest. But then you’ve only got a few hours until the ice thaws and someone is haplessly scapegoated for the now-warm beers. It’s a common annoyance and one those indefatigable disrupters of Silicon Valley are bent on rectifying. 

We worked with the client to develop a brief that, once realised, would meet all the consumer, and commercial, expectations. 

Enter Nipi, the latest entry into an ever-expanding pool of smart coolers. While it’s got myriad high-tech features and a sleek design to boot, it’s first and foremost one of the best coolers out there. The Nipi is built with weatherproof casing, and its double-seal lid promises to keep your drinks chilled for up to six days without electricity. In another point of innovation, Nipi has rubber wheels that are tall and fortified, so it can handle just about any terrain — from gravel to sand.